Tyvek Bifold Wallet

Tyvek Bifold Wallet

Size: 10.5x8cm (Fold), customized; Material: Tyvek, DuPont paper; Style: Fold wallet; Package: As customer's requirement.

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Product Details

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Tyvek Bifold Wallet Specification:

Tyvek bifold wallet constructed from a single piece of environmentally friendly material, this super thin, stitch-less bifold is the perfect option for those who don't like to carry around a bunch of receipts with them everywhere they go.

The Walart works with artists, designers and musicians across the globe to bring you the latest and greatest collaborations with creative minds from every which where and how. It is reviving art as a print medium, taking it out of museums and putting it in your pocket. 

"We want to put a piece of art in everyone's pocket."

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How many items can a tyvek bifold wallet hold?

The expandable tyvek bifold wallet is designed to adjust automatically to hold as much as you need.

The super thin design will magically adapt to your own personal storage needs.

The tyvek bifold wallet maximum is 8 cards into each pocket, 15 business cards into each outside pocket, and 20 bills into each bill pocket .


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