Tyvek Best Wallets For Men

Tyvek Best Wallets For Men

Size: 10.5x8cm (Fold), customized; Material: Tyvek, DuPont paper; Style: Fold wallet; Package: As customer's requirement.

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Product Details

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Tyvek Best Wallets For Men Specification:

Tyvek best wallets for men which are folded in an origami esc style from single sheets of printed, die cut Tyvek. 

Tyvek is made from thousands of long plastic fibres which provide a material, that when innovatively folded and creatively printed produces wallets which are;  

Tear proof

Wallets will soften but remain tough and never ever tear;


Folded design allows natural expansion as space is needed;

Water resistant                                                                                                                                               

Protects against humidity in the pocket which often damages leather. Spillages no issue;

Environmentally friendly                                                                                                                                           

Recycled material provides a fully recyclable product. Vegan;


Folded, origami style eradicates seams to wear then tear  ;

Light weight 


Hidden sections, perfect for scan able cards (oyster /ski pass) which rarely have to be removed


Aesthetically pleasing and resourceful


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