Tyvek Best Wallet Brands For Men

Tyvek Best Wallet Brands For Men

Size: 10.5x8cm (Fold), customized; Material: Tyvek, DuPont paper; Style: Fold wallet; Package: As customer's requirement.

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Tyvek Best Wallet Brands For Men Specification:

This was the wallet that started it all and has remained in production since the beginning! Tyvek A product of USA, this unique class of non-woven material was developed by DuPont and is composed of tiny plastic strands in randomly overlapping patters. This creates the swirls on the surface as well as the anomaly of an incredibly thin material that's almost impossible to tear. Ever try to open a FedEx mailing envelope without scissors? Exactly!

Fuxun tyvek wallet is a best wallet brands for men.

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How may cards does it hold?

They can hold at least 18 cards in total, not including the 2 inside pockets.


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