DuPont Tyvek Best Paper Wallet

DuPont Tyvek Best Paper Wallet

This wallet size: 10.5x8.5cm after fold. Have 2 pockets for money and 4 pockets for card. We can also accept customized design.

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DuPont Tyvek Best Paper Wallet Specification:

Tyvek texture is similar to paper, but waterproof, durable and not easily damaged. When you have the urge to tear it, you will find that it can't be tear broken anyway. Lightweight and convenient, it is suitable for carrying around without appearing bloated. It's DuPont Tyvek Best Paper Wallet.

Tyvek is used in high-end fields such as aviation and medical, Fuxun Co is authorized by DuPont, and give technology products a sense of fashion and design life. 

Tyvek's design as a wallet also contains environmental and animal protection concepts. Every wallet is handmade, use stylish, lightweight and novelty Tyvek materials, replace animal skin and other industrial products, and save more energy for the planet, contribute to the ecological balance.

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