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What Are The Types Of Men's Handbags?​
- Apr 03, 2018 -

What are the types of men's handbags?

The handbags, both men and women, have reasons to love you. Urban men and women with handbags appear in the crowded streets to become a city-specific landscape. Women's handbags, men's handbags, and fashion handbags not only represent personal habits, it also shows the popularity and development of an era. It is fashionable for men in the workplace to carry briefcases every day. Today, Xiao Bian introduces the types of men's handbags for everyone.

Men's handbags - day wear handbags

The day-to-day handbags gradually became fashionable in the hearts of fashionable men. The envelope with a simple line was the first choice for handbags.

Men nowadays use color matching properly in their bags, and pockets have become a symbol of taste. Being able to wear colors properly is a kind of skill and requires a good aesthetic vision. In recent years, bright colors have appeared more and more on the size of the T stage, becoming a trend that has been mentioned many times. Of course, men who can dare to achieve this trend in real life are still a few. It is even more accidental to be able to play with the colors.

Men's Tote Bag - Workplace Men's Bag

Men's traditional bag, the men's shoulder bag with black and clamshell buckle, we can boldly try to decorate the pattern to break the boring, the handle can also be tied to enhance the sense of silk scarf.

In fact, if you want to be able to maintain a gentlemanly style, it is not difficult for men's bags to highlight fashion style. You just need to prepare a light-colored bag for him. On the styling, we strive to be concise and generous, highlighting the masculine rough lines, as long as the combination is reasonable, it is suitable for both commuting and leisure.

What men are looking for?

Bags and height

Buying Tips: Wide and large bags are popular, but how to choose them depends on their height. If you are over 170cm in height, you should try to choose a men's handbag with a total length of about 60cm that can be put into a magazine size. If you are under 165cm in height, you should choose a total length of about 50cm and you can insert it into magazines. The size of the bag, the proportion of elongated body.

Bags and postures

Buying Tips: When using a small shoulder strap, you can use the underarm to hold the bag slightly to avoid shaking the bag body. The handbag should be pulled in the arm, and the elbow is naturally 90 degrees to the waistline. The bag is held by one hand on the chest, or naturally along the length of the arm to the position near the thigh, and avoid strapless bags caught under the armpit!

Bags and colors

Buying Tips: In the mix of bags, accessories and clothing, colors play a pivotal role. The combination of the same level of depth and depth in the same color system can create an elegant and elegant appearance. The bag is in sharp contrast to the color of the dress, such as a black dress with bright red bags and shoes. It is a bright personality. The bag can also be any color selected in the pattern of a floral dress or a print top. The overall feeling is lively yet elegant.

Bags and Leather

Buying Tips: Common natural leather will have fine lines under the thumb pressure. The better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. The common goatskin pattern is wavy, coarse and detailed; the cowskin grain is dense, and the pores are arranged irregularly; the pigskin has a rough surface, and the pattern is usually a set of three pores, which can be hard and soft.

Bags and Handwork

Buying Tips: No matter how much time you spend to buy a business bag, you want to buy a fine workmanship. Select the style, before payment, be sure to carefully check the surface of the bag and the sandwich whether there is no suture, the connection of the strap is strong; if there is metal accessories, be sure to understand whether the material is easy to fade, zipper and button Whether the function is perfect or not is a non-negligible step.