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Watch Made Of Tyvek Paper
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Watch made of "paper"

The “Paper” watch? Yes, The Papr Watch is a new type of fiber nonwoven material called Tyvek®. It feels like paper, has the advantages of paper and fabric, and is light and strong. The designer of this "paper" watch is the Paprcuts team in Berlin, Germany. They are the masters of applying this black technology material.

This special material makes The Papr Watch very, very light, wearing no burden on the hand, summer is not afraid of sweating stuffy.

The Papr Watch is also easy to use. The display shows the time by clicking once, press and hold for 3 seconds to display the date. Although light and thin, batteries can last up to 2 years and they can be replaced with no electricity.

This "paper" watch is also very resistant to operation, accidentally dropped out of the water, forgot to take it off when bathing, was dropped on the ground, was pulled, still intact, too suitable for me such a nerve bar, and then say goodbye "Carefully."

The Papr Watch uses a magnetic clasp to gently ride on OK. Relative to the traditional buckle, more convenient and comfortable. In addition, in order to meet the "flower" of the sister paper, the designer has come up with dozens of patterns and style options, please come to a variety of colors

Take pictures, art, street sports, driving wild, The Papr Watch can be with you easily, especially, beautiful, strong, waterproof, freedom is the most special watch it can bring you .