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Tyvek Shade | Desert Sunscreen​
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Tyvek shade | desert sunscreen

In the summer, 35 minutes later, the temperature in the car rose by 35.2°C.

Sunshine will make your car's dashboard, seats, and plastic parts burn out quickly

Our sunshade, using high-tech materials, can block 99% of sunlight

Anti-aging sunscreen, effectively prevent the rapid aging of car interiors and dashboard

DuPontTM Tyvek® Tyvek® brand material was invented by DuPont scientists in the 1950s and is a unique material made from 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) spunbonded using DuPont's patented flash process. , combines the material characteristics of paper, film and woven fabrics into one

Has the following features:

● One-way ventilation, lower thermal conductivity, heat only out:

Tyvek® consists of high-density polyethylene and is a low thermal conductivity polymer that does not contain any fillers or pigments. The unique web-like sheet structure (upper left) can create a void space in a polyethylene mesh. Air is “locked” into these void spaces, which can further reduce the thermal conductivity of the sheet.

● Durable, high strength, tear resistance, anti-aging, anti-puncture:

Have you ever tried to tear a Tyvek® envelope? It is estimated that you cannot do it. The unique flash-spun sheet structure made by Tyvek® through a unique flash-spinning process is not only difficult to tear and puncture, but also weighs between one-half and one-tenth the weight of commonly used packaging materials.

Durable in a variety of rough use environments.

● High light resistance, high reflectivity, UV resistance, low emissivity:

The reflective effect of a unique surface is a good protective material that protects the product from solar radiation.

● Waterproof, not only waterproof, but also its sheet structure allows gas and vapor through. Acid and alkali chemical corrosion, not afraid of most strong acids, alkalis, salts

● Anti-bacterial, mothproof and dustproof:

Tyvek® is manufactured without adding any heavy metals or worrying chemical substrates, such as bisphenol A (BPA) or plasticizers. Tyvek® also does not support the growth of microorganisms.

● Light weight

● Printable

● Environmental protection can be recycled and reused. After complete combustion, only water vapor and carbon dioxide remain, which does not affect the environment at all.

● Freeze protection, -73°C is always soft

DuPont material shade, make full use of the above characteristics

One-way ventilation ensures that heat does not escape

Cool sunscreen, protect interior

Unique design, environmentally recyclable