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The Potential Of Custom Paper
- Feb 27, 2018 -

1, the design of paper towels (box pumping tissue, soft paper) elegant, stylish, concise, applicable (home, car, office, etc.), strong visual impact, easy to remember, with strong marketing influence;

2, custom-made various types of advertising paper towels, is the most popular way to promote, nowadays, all kinds of advertising are flying, people have already numb and disgust advertising, in the paper towel advertising, easy to accept, the use of paper towels will be active focus on the desire to read, to achieve cognitive and memory, deepen the impression, played a good publicity and promotional role;

3, the paper towel itself has the use function, this is we distinguishes any other advertisement the remarkable characteristic, also is the Enterprise advertisement information can be accepted by the populace foundation. Unlike the general form of advertising, tissue advertising (ad napkins) can effectively target consumer groups to meet the needs of the audience to carry, timing, fixed-point, quantitative free choice;