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The Importance Of Tyvek Packaging For Medical Packaging
- Mar 13, 2018 -

1.microbial barrier

As the name suggests, microbial barrier means that aseptic packaging has barrier properties for various bacteria such as E. coli, spirochete, streptococci, fungi, and the like. According to tests, Tyvek Tyvek's microbial barrier is more than 100 times stronger than other materials.

2. mechanical strength - tear strength

This property, also known as packaging performance during transport, is the protection of the integrity of the product during the entire storage and transportation process. Tyvek Tyvek's tear strength is up to 8 times higher than other materials.

3. clean peeling

Clean peeling is a measure of the sealing performance of aseptic packaging materials and the absence of dust or fiber shedding properties when the package is opened. When the material is torn, it will inevitably produce debris or surface dust, which will affect the sterility of the medical device. Tyvek Tyvek Packaging does not have these risks.

4. sterilization method compatibility

Because aseptic packaging, sterilization is an essential process. The ability to adapt to a variety of sterilization methods has also become an essential feature of aseptic packaging materials. Tyvek Tyvek can be used for all sterilization methods.