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The Application Of DuPont Paper
- Feb 27, 2018 -

DuPont paper can be used in many products, such as desiccant packaging, medical packaging, protective clothing, wall, layer roof insulation layer, down lining, envelopes, packaging materials, car sheath and so on.

Material Characteristics::

Waterproof nature

One-way air

High strength, tear resistance, from completely wet to completely dry in the case of its paper, shrinkage ratio



Light Texture


High resistance to light

Acid, alkali chemical corrosion is not afraid of most strong acid, strong alkali, salt

After complete combustion of environmentally friendly products, only water vapor and carbon dioxide are left, which does not affect the environment at all

-73℃ always Soft

In the area of environmental protection, nomex-t411 comply with RoHS regulatory requirements.