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Four Tolerance Of High Temperature Insulating Materials
- Feb 27, 2018 -

1, high temperature performance: glass temperature of up to 143 ℃, melting point of 343 ℃, after GF or CF filled, thermal deformation temperature up to 315 ℃, long-term use of the temperature of 260 ℃.

2, hydrolysis Resistance: in the high-temperature steam and hot water immersion can still maintain good mechanical properties, are all resin hydrolysis-resistant varieties of good.

3, Chemical resistance: In addition to high concentrations of concentrated sulfuric acid, such as strong oxidation of acid erosion, high-temperature insulating materials with similar to the PTFE resin chemical resistance, and in a variety of chemical reagents can completely retain its mechanical properties, is a superior anti-corrosion materials.

4, resistance to irradiation and weather resistance: high temperature insulation materials for a variety of radiation has excellent resistance, can withstand gamma radiation irradiation and maintain its various characteristics, can be applied to all kinds of harsh environment.

There are many kinds of insulating materials, high-temperature insulation material is one of them, in many industries have a good application, Jiangyin benefits long Insulation is a specialized production and processing of high-temperature insulating materials, the company's main high-performance E, B, F, H-Class insulation materials high temperature.