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Eco-friendly Shopping Bag
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Eco-friendly shopping bag

Daily every person will go to the supermarket at least 3 times a week, every time they will take home a lot of plastic bags, and some people will say: "Can be used as garbage bags," but everyone ignores how serious the plastic bag harm.

Plastic bag pollution is one of the top ten pollutions on earth. It takes about two hundred years for plastic bags buried in the ground to rot and pollute the soil.

If incineration treatment is used, it will produce harmful smoke and toxic gases, polluting the environment for a long time.

The hazards to human health from the disposable plastic bags made of polyvinyl chloride are not only carcinogenic but also damage the liver and kidneys. It is even more a vicious destruction to nature. So plastic bags are wasteful and environmentally friendly.

According to the survey, each year in China, more than 1,000 plastic bags have been used per household,.According to supermarkets, RMB 0.5/a will cost 500 yuan per year on plastic bags.

The price of high-grade supermarket plastic bags is 1 yuan/a (even more expensive), nearly 1,000 yuan a year.

Recommend a value environmental protection artifact for everyone.

Tyvek paper shopping bag uses tyvek paper ,is light weight, and can be recycled . The point is you can customize patterns.This customized recycled shopping bag is highly versatile in its uses.and is useful and good for the environment.Meanwhile it is a Durable material and water-resistant which can protect your personal things well.