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DuPont Tyvek - Unlimited Possibilities For Designers
- Mar 27, 2018 -

DuPont Tyvek®  is a non-woven technology material invented by DuPont scientists in the 1950s. It combines the advantages of paper, film, and woven fabrics. It is thinner and lighter than paper, yet it resists tearing. , Texture and touch unique, waterproof and pollution resistant and weathering, environmental protection can be recycled, has been widely used in textiles, printing, commercial promotion and gifts, toys, household items, cultural and creative arts and other fields.

More and more designers are using Tyvek® to realize their ideas and ideas and add fun to people's lives!

The unique Tyvek® material, due to its light weight, tear resistance, water and dirt resistance, breathability, chemical resistance, diffuse reflectivity, and many other outstanding material characteristics, coupled with its unique texture and feel and printability, makes Tyvek ® is attracting attention and love from designers in many fields, constantly turning ideas, ideas, and designs into reality. From the dandelion chandelier of internationally renowned household brands to the “flying shoes” of individual industrial designers, to paper purses, wash bags, and bags/bags, all these creative products that embody design concepts and represent fashion trends The majority of consumers love it.

Art lighting

Tyvek®'s outstanding material properties such as diffuse reflectivity, lightness, water resistance, stain resistance, tear resistance, and processability enable everyday lighting to become a work of art with both design aesthetics and practical value.

Custom printing pattern acceptable tyvek paper book light  (6).jpgUSB charging fashion style students use tyvek paper book light  (16).jpgUSB charging fashion style students use tyvek paper book light  (24).jpg

USB charging fashion style students use tyvek paper book light  (17).jpg

Fashion bags

Bags made of Tyvek® technology materials not only have a thin, soft, smooth feel like paper, they don't add any burden to your travel, and they gradually create a unique wrinkle texture over time - generating your own traces of use , Bring an extraordinary sensory experience!

Large size chinese style clouds pattern tyvek paper storage bag (2).jpgCanada  brown color lunch bag  (3).jpg