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DuPont Paper
- Feb 27, 2018 -

DuPont paper, also known as Connaught-American paper, is a DuPont production of an environmentally-friendly non-woven fabric, also known as Tyvek or special Wei Qiang. In wood frame construction, it is often used for waterproof material of exterior wall and roof. Because of its one-way breathable performance, also known as "breath paper." It is the use of flash technology, from the polymer after hot-melt processing into a continuous filament and then hot bonded HDPE, this unique technology can produce light weight, but very tough material. DuPont paper products combine the advantages of paper, film and fiber, tough and durable, with strong tear-resistant properties.

Tyvek is a DuPont production of a packaging material trademarks, the domestic translation into a "special Wei Qiang." 1073B,1059B,2FS is the three types of this material, used for medical purposes, the three in the material density, tensile strength, thickness and other indicators are not the same.