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DuPont Announces 2018 Innovation Packaging Award
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Recently, DuPont announced its winner of the 2018 DuPont Innovation Packaging Award. The award-winning companies have made significant progress in packaging technology to address the diverse and individualized needs of customers in the global market.

This year's top award, the Diamond Award, was awarded to the FritzTM Water Mare, which enables people in developing countries to carry 20 pounds of water easily and safely. The review considers this to be a timely and available solution to major global issues, and its design can bring us greater benefits. This vest is antibacterial, ergonomic and reusable.

 “The DuPont Innovative Packaging Award reflects the creativity, firmness and agility of the packaging industry in addressing global issues and meeting consumer needs,” said Bernard Rioux, Head of Global Packaging, DuPont Performance Materials, “This year’s work Including packaging solutions for new food storage, fermented food products, quality beauty products and new packaging materials designed for groups such as Millennials, the competition enables everyone in the packaging industry to realize their full potential, and We are very excited to see the creativity of packaging innovators growing year by year."

The DuPont Innovative Packaging Awards Competition is currently in its 29th year and is the industry's oldest global independent jury award, recognizing outstanding innovation and collaboration across the value chain and being recognized as a leading award in the packaging industry. This international award recognizes innovations in packaging design, materials, technology and craftsmanship. The independent packaging expert jury reviewed nearly 150 entries from 24 countries and recognized those outstanding achievements in promoting technological advancement, promoting environmentally friendly packaging and enhancing customer experience selection criteria. In addition to the above awards, the jury awarded five Diamond Awards, nine gold awards and six silver awards based on the "excellent performance" of the entries in one, two or three categories.

 “The DuPont Innovation Packaging Awards competition is exciting worldwide. The selection of the awards is very objective. It does not require the use of DuPont materials and does not require any entry fees,” said CPP Mint International Group, Global Packaging Director and this award. Chief judge David Luttenberger said, “DuPont has trained a wide variety of expertise on the jury, allowing us to truly look at all aspects of design, engineering, retail, processing and wholesale and technical research across the packaging industry from a global perspective. This helps us to consider the important and valuable elements for packaging."

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