Tyvek Baby Girl Lunch Bag

Tyvek Baby Girl Lunch Bag

Material: the outer layer - Tyvek (connects the quality of the cover, paper and fabric), an inner layer – PEVA (waterproof polymer), or Aluminum film; Size (L * W * H): 21 * 12 * 25 cm; Capacity: 3.5 L.

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Tyvek Baby Girl Lunch Bag Specification:

Do you want to destroy the world? Slow down. Let's start with a snack. I bet it will help. We know that anger 

and stress can be "seized". It is very important for your nervous system to have a lunch in time.

Nowadays you can find plenty of food choices to take to work or for a walk. What about taking tyvek baby girl 

lunch bag with? Yes, it is not the container, it is a packet. And do not be fooled by its appearance: it is not a 

paper. Moreover, the inner layer has thermal insulating properties, so it retain food warm (or cooled) for a few hours.

cool insulated lunch bags

cool lunch bags for women

The outer layer of the package - Tyvek nonwoven fabric with the properties of the cover, paper and cloth. It is very 

durable, yet lightweight. The inner layer is not only maintains warmth, but not water tight ever. Design and 

manufacturing technology help the packet not to provide smells from the inside, it is a very important property for 

the way how food kept.

At first you wrap the top of a package, and then close with two velcro under the fold. You can adjust its size: it 

does not take much space, just turn it around to make it smaller. And of course, pay attention to its cool design. 

Stay calm and dine!

Do you want to try??? Send us enquiry for samples and more information!!!

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