Buy Tyvek Insulated Lunch Bag

Buy Tyvek Insulated Lunch Bag

Material: the outer layer - Tyvek (connects the quality of the cover, paper and fabric), an inner layer – PEVA (waterproof polymer), or Aluminum film; Size (L * W * H): 21 * 12 * 25 cm; Capacity: 3.5 L.

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Buy Tyvek Insulated Lunch Bag Specification:

Design of tyvek insulated lunch bag resembles a chalk board in a modern cafe with a menu for today. 

What lies beneath the fashionable hipster "cover"? Tyvek insulated lunch bag - it's original 

packaging for your lunch, preserving the food temperature. It looks like made of paper. 

But the appearance is deceptive.

In fact, it is made of two materials. The outer layer - of a nonwoven fabric, which is something 

between a cover, cloth and paper. In view or in touch it is like paper, but much stronger like polyethylene 

fabric. It is lightweight, durable, resistant to water and high temperatures. But the inner layer - thermal 

insulation and impermeability to moisture.

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Firstly, your lunch will be warm for 1-3 hours. Because of the materials and design of the package 

food inside cools very slowly. Secondly, while the smell of food left inside, it is not extending all around. 

Thirdly, as a paper bag, it collapses and is therefore compact.

The upper edge is rolled several times, and then closed at two velcros.

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