Tyvek Arctic Zone Lunch Bag

Tyvek Arctic Zone Lunch Bag

Normal size: 25x21x12cm, accept customized size if quantity more than 500 pcs; MOQ is 100 pcs; Material: DuPont paper, Tyvek; Package: 1 piece per pp bag, 50 bags per carton.

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Tyvek Arctic Zone Lunch Bag Specification:

DuPont Tyvek is a material that features all the best properties of paper, film and fabric, but also 

provides unique beauty, strength and recyclability.

No wonder it's seen as an ideal choice for reusable bags by both environmentally conscious 

retailers and their equally environmentally conscious customers.

Remarkably Reusable, Convenient and Reliable.

Tyvek is strong and highly resistant to tears and punctures, so arctic zone lunch bag made from 

it can be used again and again. Tyvek resists stains so keeping these bags clean is easy — Tyvek 

is machine washable or spot cleanable — then simply hang to dry. Tyvek bags are very 

lightweight, soft and "scrunchable"… and fit easily into purse or pocket for convenience.

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baby lunch bag

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Are arctic zone lunch bag recyclable?

Yes, Arctic zone lunch bag are recyclable. Our Tyvek bags are curbside recyclable as a Number 

2 plastic. Most of our other reusable bags are classified as Number 5 plastic and are recyclable 

at any facility that accepts this grade.

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