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You Need To Know Some Of Tyvek Mighty Wallet
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Do you want to know more about Tyvek Mighty Wallet? Pls read below:

1. Is the tyvek mighty wallet really can't tear broken? 

Tyvek paper tear resistance means that it will not be torn under the pulling force of daily use.

2. How many banknotes and cards can you put in the tyvek mighty wallet?

It is recommended not to put too much money and card in the first two weeks of the first use. Take 4-6 banknotes and 2-4 cards is the best, after the shape of the wallet is raised, slowly increase it. The tyvek maighty wallet can be placed up to 20 banknotes and 6 cards.

3. How does the wallet smell?

The tyvek mighty wallet is printed with eco-friendly ink, so the new wallet will have a little ink taste, and the taste will disappear after a few days of use.

4. What should I do if my tyvek mighty wallet is dirty?

Small areas of stains can be wiped with a clean cloth dampened with water, it is recommended to keep personal traces of use.

5. Why is the wallet wrinkled at the fold?

Because DuPont paper has a certain degree of paper characteristics to a large extent, so there will be some wrinkled in the fold, this is not a flaw.

6. Why some places on the side of the wallet are not folded neatly?

It is hand-folded, so it is normal for the edges to be uneven. It is not a quality problem.

7. How long can the wallet last?

The wallet will grow older, if you don't deny it, it can be used all the time.

8. Can write on the wallet? What pen can I use to draw on it?

Yes, you can write on the wallet. DIY can be used on the wallet with an oily ballpoint pen or other oily pen.