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Why Tyvek Materials Are Used As Packaging Paper Bags?
- Oct 20, 2018 -

Tyvek Bags

Many designers have used Tyvek in fashion design,  but this material is not limited to clothing.

The style of the Tyvek bag is ever-changing, and the modeling simple, large capacity, tote bag that goes out on the shoulders is a summer choice for many people. Today, in addition to the traditional canvas cotton, Tyvek has become a more fashionable and convenient option.

Tyvek material specificity

The bag takes advantage of the material properties of Tyvek like paper and cloth, you can design your own printing on the bag. Tyvek DuPont paper bag material is light and sewable, foldable, and there is enough toughness to carry things, in addition, it also has waterproof function, it can be said that the summer must go out of the bag.

Tyvek have a special texture

Tyvek material has a special texture, always let the designers love it. Due to the effect of this paper-like fiber + mesh surface, feel the sense of the future while making people feel warm.

Compatible with a variety of printing technologies

Tyvek is compatible with a wide range of traditional printing technologies and most digital printing technologies, also easy to carry out various processing, so makes it show more effective. And because of its paper characteristics, it is more capable of restoring the desired color than ordinary woven fabrics.

DuPont paper bag material has plasticity

In recent years, as more and more product designers are fascinated by the magical plasticity of Tyvek materials, and have cited it in the various design concepts of DuPont paper bags. Tyvek is also gradually entering the daily life field from the industrial field, it offers the possibility of a more individual, greener and more technological lifestyle.