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What material backpack is waterproof?
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Face a large number of waterproof bags, such as rock climbing bags, upstream packages, waterproof camera bags and so on.

When we encounter such a problem, we often enter into a misunderstanding. We all think that we start from the traditional backpack to see things.

Traditional backpacks, double shoulders, are very practical and durable.

And if you add waterproof, it looks like there are only material differences.

Actually, otherwise, in addition to material differences, there are huge differences in processing technology.

1. Differences in materials: Traditional backpacks are breathable or even mesh materials. Some of them are coated with rain in order to prevent rain. However, they still have service life.

The material of the waterproof backpack is airtight or breathable and impermeable material, and its coating is thicker, and the other side is even filmed, and can withstand more than one atmospheric pressure.

If thick, such as tpu film, 0.12 pressure laminated film, can withstand 2 atmospheric pressure.

Waterproof materials are: tyvek, this is an environmentally friendly material, a broader spectrum of temperature resistance; the other is pvc clip net, this widely used, the cost is lower, but the range of temperature difference is not.

2. Differences in processing technology: Traditional backpack material joining can only be achieved through conventional sewing-based traditional processes.

Waterproof backpack materials need to open the mold and require high-frequency high-frequency machine welding.

To make a waterproof backpack, it is difficult to open the mold without quantity. High-frequency machines also need to look at different mold sizes for the same power. If the mold is bigger, the higher the power needed, the more expensive the machine is.

3 bag pocket difference:

In a traditional backpack, the mouth of the bag is basically a zipper type, and the zipper is also permeable.

The waterproof bag bag has several opening methods: the general use is the opening, that is, the bag mouth and then folded with a buckle or other components, so as to achieve the sealing effect.

The other type is a bayonet-type sealed bag, which is used for small waterproof bags, and large-sized waterproof bags are not practical.

Another type is the airtight zipper opening. The airtight zipper is a waterproof zipper with a high waterproof level. This kind of zipper has high cost and is generally used for high-grade waterproof backpack opening, outdoor ice protection bag and waterproof purse.

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