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What Is Tyvek Material?
- Sep 13, 2018 -

What Is Tyvek Material?

Tyvek combines the advantages of paper, film and fabric, can achieve printing and various processing, so it can help you create something different, at the same time it does not contain any additives and adhesives, can be recycled and reused, so it can meet your environmental requirements.

Tyvek ability

Superior durability

DuPont tyvek delivers unparalleled strength in an ultra-lightweight material. Combined with an unique structure that allows it to repel water and resist tearing, Tyvek helps ensure your message can hold up under even the most extreme - or fun - conditions.

Maximum versatility

The soft touch and smooth texture of DuPont Tyvek make it easy to machine. It's flexible, foldable and sewable - allowing for mearly limit possibilities. From identification pags and wrist bands to banners large enough to wrap a building, tyvek can stand up to a variety of manufacturing processes.

Easy printability

DuPont Tyvek has a smooth, bright white surface that allows for easy printability and more vivid colors. Engineered for enhanced precision, Tyvek Brillion and Tyvek Plus are ideal for demanding graphics.


Beyond appearance, the materials used in today's graphics applications matter. DuPont Tyvek is recyclable, allowing you to actively contribute to reducing printing waste.