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What is the DuPont paper cosmetic bag?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Use scenario 1: Traveling

Going out, too many boxes of luggage are not enough? It's very simple, learn to store (poor).

This cosmetic bag can hold a large number of skin care products, and can be placed in the trunk in a fairly regular manner, making rational use of space; even if it is temporarily put on, this thin and easy-folding DuPont paper can be stacked into a piece of cardboard, almost Does not occupy the location. (The placement of the luggage items can actually reflect a person's quality of life and taste. If you want to be a forced person, you may wish to start with a wash bag.)

In addition, the outside is so chaotic, it is difficult to ensure that you will not trample on your wash bag repeatedly, so you need a tear-proof and waterproof cosmetic bag, don't worry that it will be broken after your hand is destroyed, the wrinkles of Tyvek material Will form a good-looking texture, right, that is the kind of traces of the years of faintness.

Use situation 2: bathroom

As a lush girl, every time I go to the bathroom, especially in the gym, I have to hold a lot of bath and skin care products, occasionally with a piece of soap and finally with a wet bottle. The cans came out and there was one time. I didn’t go for two weeks. The water in the bag was always there, and it was strange...

The special weiqiang material wash bag perfectly solves the above problems. Not only waterproof, but also breathable, but also block bacteria, so I am full of praise at the beginning of the article, using Teweiqiang material to do the wash bag, the accident is appropriate!