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What is DuPont paper made of?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

DuPont Paper, also known as Nobel Paper, is an environmentally friendly non-woven fabric produced by DuPont, also known as Tyvek or Tyvek. DuPont NOMEX NOMEX-T410 T=0.05 Nome Paper [1]. It is a high-density polyethylene that uses flash evaporation technology, which is processed by hot melt to form continuous filaments and then thermally bonded. This unique process technology can produce light weight but very tough. material. DuPont paper products combine the advantages of paper, film and fiber, are tough and durable, and have strong tear resistance. It complies with national standards such as US Military Standard (MIL-D-3464E), Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS Z 0701) and German Industrial Standard (DIN 55473). DuPont paper can be used in many products such as desiccant packaging, medical packaging, protective clothing, wall, laminate roof insulation, down lining, envelopes, packaging materials, automotive jackets, etc. Material characteristics: ● Waterproof and breathable ● High strength and tear resistance. When the paper is completely wet and completely dry, the stretch and shrinkage ratio of the paper surface is less than 0.01%. ●Aging resistance ●Light texture ●Printable ●High light resistance ●Corrosion resistance to acid and alkali chemicals is not afraid of most strong acids, alkalis and salts ● After the environmental protection products are completely burned, only water vapor and carbon dioxide are left, which does not affect the environment at all ● 73°C is always soft. In terms of environmental protection, NOMEX-T411 meets ROHS