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What Does Tyvek Do?
- Oct 05, 2018 -

What Does Tyvek Do?

It depends on the Tyvek's structure type.

Different Tyvek models have different textures, they can be roughly divided into two types: "hard" and "soft".

"Hard" structural products

Products starting with 10 are "hard" structural products, for example, Tyvek 1056D is a hard structure product. These products are paper-like substrates, smooth surface, good stiffness, non-directional and good printability.

Tyvek hard structural materials can be used for folding wallet, cosmetic bag, lunch bag, sandwich bag, backpack and so on. Hard structure Tyvek are suitable for products that require printing, stiffness and waterproofing.

"Soft" structural products

Products starting with 14 are "soft" structural products, for example, Tyvek 1443R is a soft structure product. Raised texture on the surface, also has tear resistance. Same as type 10, type 14 products also have high opacity, good surface stability, can also be sewn and bonded, even ultrasonic bonding, these materials can also be printed, but it is more demanding than hard-structured products.

Tyvek soft structural materials are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as a fashion jacket, sheath/cover, costumes, theatrical scenery, children's play tent, tablecloth, sun block, decorative material, museums and packaging of art, etc. Soft structure products are more suitable for applications where barrier properties and breathability are required.