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The importance of bag design
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The importance of bag design

Bags are the most common type of packaging. They will directly influence the consumer's judgment on product sales and product quality. Bag design has a significant importance for the product packaging company's image.

The design requirements are simple, elegant and easy to understand. The color processing of handbags is a crucial factor in the design of handbags. The overall effect of color must not only attract consumers to have more fashionable personality, but also can firmly attract consumers. The vision, through the advantages of color design to produce different design experience, in order to achieve its better results.

Color is the most sensitive factor in visual performance. The color processing plays a very important role in the design of the bag packaging. The overall color of the color is eye-catching and has personality. It can be designed according to the color creativity to attract the attention of consumers. Can produce a variety of corresponding sensations through the symbol of color to achieve the desired purpose. In the visual expression of handbag design, the resonance of color is related to the individual. It needs not only the connotation but also the mutual collocation. The design must have certain uniqueness. Sex, but also to show its unique color, only this kind of unique design concept of the bag design work, to be able to stand out in the competition to occupy the market.