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The difference of printing technology on Tyvek.
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The difference of printing technology on Tyvek. 

Main printing on technology Tyvek, have 2 methods: Offset Printing and HP Indigo Printing.

Offset printing is traditional printing, usually Heidelberg printing machine; HP Indigo is digital printing. 

At present, offset printing quality is better than digital printing, digital printing can't completely replace traditional printing. There is also a different imaging method, digital printing without plates, pressure, no need to rinse the film, can be directly plated by CTP and RIP output. Digital printing is mainly reflected in variable data, convenient and fast, on-demand printing.

In other words, it mean HP Indigo Printing color fastness no so good as Offset printing. Usually HP Indigo Printing on Tyvek, the inks can be scraped by fingernail and Offset Printing press the inks into the Tyvek, so it hardly to be scraped by fingernail when the inks dry enough.