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Storage product function and classification knowledge
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Storage product function and classification knowledge

Functional description

The functions of storage products can be divided into: save, place, organize, manage, protect, isolate, cover, hide, and display.

Storage object classification

In life, almost all supplies must be stored and managed. According to different storage targets, they can be roughly classified into: storage of clothing quilt shoes, etc.

Books and Magazines

Storage of kitchen dining room supplies

Commonly used small items storage. (such as cosmetics, stationery, groceries, MD, jewelry, decorations and other small things)

Tyvek storage product type

Large size chinese style clouds pattern tyvek paper storage bag (6).jpgGreen color breathable tyvek paper travel storage bag sets  (7).jpg1082D tyvek paper black color home use storage bag  (4).jpg