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Shopping bag Purchase points
- Feb 27, 2018 -

A look:

1, the bag body is full, whether the arc is natural, paste whether Pingsheng, the angle is symmetrical, whether the fabric has obvious flaws, whether neat and clean.

2. Whether there is an empty needle, needle leakage, needle skipping phenomenon.

3, the logo on whether to indicate the name of the manufacturer, address and products used by the material and so on.

Second, try:

1, zipper pull is smooth

2, lifting, whether the strap is sewn firmly (can be a little force to pull a hand)

3, lift whether can be very comfortable to hold

4, the back part of the backpack should be soft and elastic cushion treatment, when carrying should not appear pressure concentration of the edges and corners.

5, the bag should not clip the back of the bag's neck

6, bag length should be able to adjust flexibly, lock firmly.

Third, Attention:

The plastic and metal fittings on the bag should have no sharp tip and burr on the surface, so as to avoid damaging the body or the bad clothes when used.