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Math art origami card pack! Who still said that science men are not romantic?
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Although it is now a cashless travel era, but the voice of the blind, it is not appropriate to go out with a mobile phone. After all, mobile phones are not omnipotent. If the mobile phone has no power, or if there is no signal, you will be unable to move.

And some small things like keys, ID cards, etc., also need to be carried with you. Plus some cash for the necessary emergency use, so if you go out, you still have to bring a portable card pack, put them all in, and be calm and easy!

The science and engineering man is a magical species, and they have already experienced their great rumors about their rumors. When the science and engineering man hit the travel card package, what will happen?

The result is unexpected. When the science and engineering man is romantic, there is no such thing as a liberal arts student. This card pack is made up of a piece of paper, carefully calculated and then folded. But this is not a simple origami. The ratio of the length to the width of this rectangular card package is √2.

The inspiration of √2 is derived from the mathematical graphic representation of √2. Therefore, this card package is a fusion of mathematics and art, which gives you a distinctive design aesthetic. This is the romance of science men! And with the contrast color design, the different colors are distributed in different geometric areas, simple and beautiful, trendy and fashionable.

Maybe you will be a bit puzzled: can a piece of paper really work? In fact, this is not a concern, because it is a "paper bag", but its material is not ordinary paper. It is a new type of material (commonly known as DuPont paper) developed by the American giant DuPont. It is called Tyvek.

The basic property of this material is plastic, combined with the characteristics of paper, film and woven fabrics, waterproof, light, tear-resistant and environmentally friendly.

More importantly, it brings you a vintage paper feel, as if you have returned to the childhood of childhood, tearing the book origami all day. And because of the particularity of its materials, after you use it for a while, it will leave some unique traces, depending on everyone's usage habits. And these traces make it look more natural and retro, and more distinctive.

Of course, as a card pack, the feel is only one aspect, and practicality is also an important plus item. Don't look at it's small size, but it can accommodate 4-6 keys, 4-6 cards, 16 banknotes, and external trailer keys, all kinds of trivial items that can be taken in the bag. ,Convenient and practical.

In fact, since it is so practical and beautiful, of course, not only science men are suitable, but people who love beauty can use it! In addition, being a gift is also a good choice!

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