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Lightweight and stylish, can DuPont paper bags made of paper work well?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the things in the girls’ bags are getting more. Umbrellas and sunscreen sprays are essential, plus makeup supplies, wallets, charging treasures, and even contract documents. The earth is packed into the bag of the glutinous rice, the diagonal straddle bag is too tasteless!

And when you want to buy a powerful bag

What will happen in my mind?

It is the canvas bag that you carry, because it is wet when it rains. Take out the files that have been soaked inside, and stand in front of the boss and wait for a head os: "How can you not fight for a little water?"

It is the tote bag that you can hold and waterproof. However, when you are dragging a suitcase on a business trip, you hate the iron and complain about the steel: "I will buy a bag that can be floated and floated to carry out the box."

You picked up your dumplings one day and found out: "The four corners of Tianzhu are broken!"

When you have such concerns frequently, what you need is a bag that can be loaded, lightweight, waterproof, environmentally friendly, strong and tear resistant.

If you say such a high demand, where to look? Why don't you still have a brown paper bag! I want to tell you today, really!

However, this paper is not a piece of paper. There is such a new and historic fabric that can balance design and practicality. That is "Tear-resistant kraft paper" - DuPont paper bag.

Don't misunderstand, DuPont paper bag is not a "paper", it is a special process material. From the birth of the environmental protection boom of the 1960s to the present, the cool DuPont paper bags have been widely used in clothing and accessories.

Why is DuPont paper bags valued by the trend? To put it, go back to the fabric itself. The wonderful wrinkles and textures are like the infinite imagination of paper. The older the more the texture, the more delicate, the emotional connection between the fabric and the fabric itself. What is necessary is this special.

DuPont paper bag material is used throughout the body, no matter how folded and twisted, it can be intact. Its water resistance makes it exciting, and the biggest protection bag is not damaged by rain or accidentally spilled coffee. It is also very convenient to clean up, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

The biggest advantage is its light and fluttering texture, which seems to fall into the clouds. The chest and the tote bag can be carried out without pressure. The other side of the contrast is that it is super strong, and there is no need to worry about the appearance of the picture on the ground because there are too many things to install.

Lightweight and convenient function + new attitude of environmental protection and natural + gentle and soft touch

Fresh experience inside and outside

Come and unlock your best bag