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How to pick a hat
- Mar 13, 2018 -

1.According to own skin color

In general fair complexion is better, but because the white skin with a white hat will look more awkward, so  should not choose a white hat; and more ruddy complexion for gray, such as light blue, light purple and other light colors , should not choose a particularly bright color; yellow skin  should not wear yellow, green hats, personally feel that darker classes are better, such as brown, dark brown, etc.

2. Outfit is also a university question.

Everyone wants to have a slender body. How to influence the size of your body by the combination of clothing and hats. Here you have to talk about the matching of clothing. Generally speaking, when the gap between a hat and clothing is large, it will appear The figure is relatively short, and the hats and costumes in the same color are good for slimming.

3. According to its own face

This is very important, if the face is not suitable for the cap, then no matter how the matching color with the clothes is futile, then what kind of face is suitable for what kind of cap? Generally, we divide the face into several types. The national shape, fat shape, round shape, square shape, long face shape, triangular face shape, and elliptic shape take the first and fourth face types, which are the shape of the national character and square face. Said that this kind of face is more suitable than the sun hat, because the appropriate cap can make the face softer ~ and the long face of the cap is taboo hat is too narrow ~ another triangular face to let people ignore the sharp chin, it is necessary Choosing the top hat and then talking about the fat face, because the face is relatively fat, the hat with a dome will increase the fat face, and the large cap will hide this shortcoming. Hats with asymmetrical hats make the face look less full and more three-dimensional. Finally, if you have an elliptical face, congratulations, you can try any hat.

4. Body is also a key factor

Some tall people wearing small hats will inevitably make people look at the weight of the top, so as long as you are such a person, you should avoid wearing a small hat; and short stature, especially female friends, are not suitable for wearing a flat top. Tall women's friends, should not wear a tall hat ~

In short, the selection of hats is to make every effort to avoid weaknesses.