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How Is Tyvek Applied?
- Sep 11, 2018 -

If you want to know how is tyvek applied, pls read below:

Tyvek - An unique printing and creative materials

Unique appearance + Extraordinary strength = Outstanding effect

If you need to make your prints lively, graphic, durable, and able to withstand various environments,

and the cost of production is not too high. Then Tyvek® printing materials are the best choice for you.

From advertising banners that can be kept from fading in various climates; to the label of ski products 

that need to withstand various tests for a long time; or product labels for construction, gardening, 

and shellfish products; as long as they are made by tyvek material, it will always maintain good 

product performance and product characteristics. In addition, the unique texture effects of Tyvek® 

materials help designers achieve a variety of creativity and design, allowing their work to exude unique fashion appeal.

Tyvek® is made from high density polyethylene by flash spinning, and it is waterproof, breathable, 

tough and durable. High strength compared to ordinary printing paper, and more cost-effective 

than ordinary fabrics, combines the advantages of paper, cloth and film, so it has been widely used 

in textile, printing, commercial promotion and gifts, toys, household items and other fields.