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DuPont paper made it, so I fell in love with a paper bag!
- Dec 22, 2018 -

This is a paper-like material, but it is much tougher than paper. It is also a cloth-like fabric, but it is lighter than cloth. Speaking of DuPont paper, you may not be so familiar, because in the 1950s, DuPont invented a special non-woven material called Tyvek, which is translated into Teweiqiang, so is there any Feeling like deja vu?

Because it is the invention of DuPont, we are more accustomed to calling it DuPont paper. At the beginning of the invention, DuPont paper is mainly used in building materials, as a waterproof material for exterior walls or roofs, and with the progress of the times, Especially in the development of fashion, more and more designers are interested in the portability of DuPont paper.

Due to the unique characteristics of DuPont paper, it has been used most in the design of bags, and has been favored by everyone for a time. Most of the boys didn't have the habit of carrying heavy bags. When they went out and had to take a small item such as a key, the good and practical DuPont paper wallet went online.

A seemingly simple piece of paper, in fact, hides the black technology production process, using ingenious mathematics through sophisticated calculations to create a wallet rich in artistic beauty, but also at the same time practicality, really fascinating.

The wallet is light and compact, and the body uses the current trend of contrast elements, geometric mosaic design, and the slight texture of DuPont paper itself, showing a sense of retro fashion and a touch of literary atmosphere.

Although the DuPont paper bag is lighter and thinner, there is no need to worry about its solidity and capacity. The opening and closing of the draw belt has a metal buckle on both sides of the joint and splicing to facilitate the suspension. There is also a design for hanging the key in the wallet. Don't worry about the problem that the key is easy to leave, and avoid sharp keys to scratch other items.

And there are many internal compartments, the layers are clear, it is convenient to put all kinds of cards, can also put a certain amount of cash, all your needs, the designer has considered for you, is such a close!

Not only that, but also on the side of the outside of the bag, there is a compartment to facilitate the design of the bus card, no longer need to find a car card when rushing to squeeze the bus, and do not need to open the wallet to turn over the important items. Sliding down.

So light and always online, that is, after a period of use, it will not become unsightly like a leather bag, but under the time, the color is deeper and more nostalgic. The texture is very popular, so it is inevitable that I will be fascinated by DuPont!