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DuPont paper desiccant detailed description
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Detailed description


  Saturation means that the silica gel desiccant has been saturated, and even if there is more water, it cannot be adsorbed. Balanced capacity means that the desiccant draws enough moisture from the air to make the atmosphere's ability to hold water vapor more than the desiccant's ability to adsorb water. At this point, adding more desiccant will not reduce the relative humidity of the environment.

Storage and packaging

  Silica gel desiccant has strong moisture absorption capacity and should be stored in a dry place. There must be a shelf between the package and the ground. The package includes steel drums, paper drums, cartons, plastic bottles, polyethylene plastic composite bags, and flexible container bags. See the classification product description for specific packaging specifications. Rain, moisture and exposure should be avoided during transportation.

This product is made of fine-pored silica gel. It is composed of sodium silicate (water glass) and sulfuric acid hydrous silicon gel. It is a highly active adsorbent. Glassy transparent, translucent or light yellow spherical or hemispherical particles.


Pharmaceuticals, machinery, optical electronics, precision instruments, instruments, seeds, processed foods, tea, various

Chemical fiber textiles, leather shoes, leather, sports shoes and cultural relics archives, cameras, arts and crafts, and other items that require moisture and mildew are widely used.

[Technical indicators]

(1) Particle size: 2-4mm 4-8mm 2-5mm

(2) Mechanical strength ≥95%

Water absorption (%) at 25 ° C and the following relative humidity:

       At relative humidity 20%, % ≥ 8.0

       50% relative humidity, % ≥ 20.0

       In relative humidity 90%, % ≥ 30.0


The silica gel desiccant product is non-toxic and tasteless. It can be used directly after removing the outer packaging (except for direct contact with food and medicine). Generally, no further treatment is required.

  Dose size

    0.5 g 3 x 2 cm

      1 gram 3 x 4.5 cm

      2 grams 3.5 x 4.5 cm

      3 grams 4 x 5cm

      5 grams 4.5 x 6 cm

      10-500 grams of non-woven fabric can be processed as required.

  1. The inner packaging of this product is sealed with plastic film to prevent moisture, and the outer packaging is double hard corrugated cardboard box.

2. Common specifications: 1 gram: 20000 bags / box 2 grams: 10000 bags / box 3 grams: 8000 bags / box

3. Outer package size specifications: