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Backpack's notes​
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Backpack's notes

1 : The items that are not needed on the day should be taken out in time, with fewer belts and less shoulder belts. Like hanging trinkets on the bag, it is advisable to hang some light plush toys.

2 : The shoulder bag is the best choice. It has a back load and can make the chest wide open. This posture is a protection for the spine. (Recommended: Adjust the length of the shoulder straps, not too long, so that the whole backpack is attached to the back, the bottom is waisted, and the length of the belt is adjusted so that more than 60% of the weight can be transferred to the lumbosacral region. It will be a lot easier, if you have a big bag and you have a lot of things, you have to bend your back when you are back, put your shoulder straps back, adjust them, and then stand up and fasten your belt.)

3 : Some bags are too thin and hard, especially one shoulder bag, which can easily cause damage to the shoulder trapezius muscle. When buying, choose those straps that are relatively large and soft, and try to reduce the pressure on the shoulders as much as possible.