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A wallet made of DuPont Tyvek paper?
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Now, a mobile phone can go to the world. If you go out with a real (very) leather wallet without a hundred dollar bill, but with all kinds of bus cards, business cards, and bank cards, is it a bit awkward?

So, today I will give you a paper wallet, which can hold a lot of business cards, transportation cards, etc. The focus is on installing so many things but still so thin, for the leather wallet that is not heavy and not heavy, it is simply Crit!

Let's take a look at its value, and many people are going to collect value.

In addition to high value, it can be described as creative! Penglai murals, pop art, field cards, calculators, space fantasy, parallel time and space, handsome camouflage, graffiti, watermelon... From ancient times to today, from complex to simple, from nostalgic plots to full forward thinking, There is also a table culture with a grounded atmosphere.

If you see that it is just a matter of fact, it is too small to be too small to use it. The value of the face is just one of its charms. It has both paper texture and softness, and has the opposite characteristics of paper. It is not afraid of water and is difficult to tear. This kind of surprise in the table is like building a nuclear reactor in the inspirational universe.

It is made from DuPont Tyvek paper and is a 100% recyclable environmentally friendly material. When it comes to "Tyvek paper," I have to mention the designer behind it - Bai Minghui, who earned 1 million on this paper at the age of 24.

The paper sense inherits the inherent waterproof properties of polyethylene, and it can withstand thunderstorms and life splashes.

And super sturdy and durable, it can be passed to your son like a family heirloom for decades, and proudly said that this was used for the father!

Of course, if you don't believe it, you can boldly tear it. As long as you don't need sharp objects, it is really solid.

In addition, DuPont paper purses, like jeans and lighters, are more and more versatile, and the more they wear, the more time they have, the more they can create a “personal imprint”.

In short, the material is very comfortable, but it is not delicate; it looks cool, it is very handsome to use; it is very versatile and very changeable, and it is valuable both for collection and use.