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4 Cosmetic Bags That You Can Also Use As Gift Wrap
- Apr 23, 2018 -

4 Cosmetic Bags That You Can Also Use As Gift Wrap

It can be hard to win your beauty-centric friend's heart around the holidays. To get the right gift, you'll need just the right mix of quirky, practical, and aesthetically pleasing, all in one pretty package. Why stop at normal, disposable wrapping paper that is just going to get tossed out? Makeup bags are the perfect holiday gift-wrap and present all in one. .

As simple as it may seem, this holiday hack is completely fool-proof. Anyone can seal a book or a pair of shoes in a box, but when you slip them inside an already adorable bag, your wrapping process gets a whole lot easier — plus the gift-wrap doubles as, well, a gift! Who doesn't love giving more presents (and getting them) while saving time?

1.For The Fashionista

Pink color pattern tyvek paper cosmetic bag (4).jpg

It's the perfect packaging for your fashion lover friend.

2.For The Minimalist

Sliver color PU coated tyvek paper cosmetic bag (1).jpg

If you're looking to wrap something tiny, say like a bottle of perfume or some cute socks, then this simple and modern makeup bag is the one for you.

3.For The Girl Who Owns Everything

Pink color PU tyvek paper brush pattern cosmetic bag (1).jpg

4.For The Friend Put Items Too Much

Blue-color-new-fashion-waterproof-custom-tyvek (1).jpg