Tyvek Beauty Case Bag

Tyvek Beauty Case Bag

Size: Customized; Color: Customized; Zipper: Nylon zipper, etc; Material: Tyvek; Package: 1 piece per pp bag, 50 bags per carton.

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Product Details

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Tyvek Beauty Case Bag Specification:

Design your own Tyvek case bag and get exactly what you want. Custom reusable bags are our specialty and we make a unique style and look possible. Tote bags, messenger bags, cosmetic bags and reusable shopping bags made of reusable Tyvek are strong and long lasting marketing tools. The lightweight material is eco-friendly and the snow-white appearance provides an ideal printing surface. Tyvek can be sewn, glued, printed, embossed, and punched. Don’t worry about the creases: the more creases the softer the surface. And don’t you agree? Crinkles are a part of life.

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Restoring National Treasures with Tyvek

Tyvek is a favorite among art conservators because its unmatched archival properties gives them confidence that the important works of art they are restoring will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.  These properties include: neutral pH; excellent resistance to rot and mildew; inherent stability; and ability to endure for years without yellowing, weakening or deteriorating.  Tyvek has played a significant role in restoring and preserving works of art from the past, including many of the treasures in the extensive collection housed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian.  

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