DuPont Tyvek Beauty Bags Online

DuPont Tyvek Beauty Bags Online

Size:24x15.5x5cm, customized; Material: Tyvek,DuPont paper; It can be made by your design.

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DuPont Tyvek Beauty Bags Online Specification:

Why we use DuPont Tyvek for beauty bags?

1. Cause its good protection, superior chemical resistance, for most acids, bases, salts are chemically inert and have good liquid barrier protection.

2. Waterproof and breathable, Tyvek is porous material, good gas permeability, due to the dense fibers, liquid water, oil, etc. cannot penetrate easily, but gas and moisture can pass through, excellent waterproof and breathable properties.

3. Good anti-solid particle penetration, special physical organization, can completely block tiny mites and dust, preventing it from penetrating.

4. Excellent barrier to bacteria, it can protect your cosmetics sterile.

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