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About Us

We are factory produce bag in quanzhou many years,and few years ago ,we meet dupont tyvek paper this material and very interested in it.in order to use this material to make bags ,now we become USA dupont tyvek paper agent in china quanzhou .and we can get lower material cost of tyvek paper .after make more and more tyvek paper bags ,now we are get more and more professional in printing tyvek paper design and produce tyvek paper bags.such as lunch bag ,backpack ,cosmetic bag and pencil bag, tyvek jacket ,tyvek paper map and envelope,wallet and so on .



  • New Material DuPont Tyvek Brings A New Trend New Material DuPont Tyvek Brings A New Trend

  • The Application Of DuPont Paper The Application Of DuPont Paper

    DuPont paper can be used in many products, such as desiccant packaging, medical packaging, protective clothing, wall, layer roof insulation layer

  • Performance Of DuPont Paper Performance Of DuPont Paper

    Good protection ability. Superior resistance to chemical properties: For most acids, alkalis, salts are chemically inert, good liquid barrier protection function.

  • DuPont Paper DuPont Paper

    DuPont paper, also known as Connaught-American paper, is a DuPont production of an environmentally-friendly non-woven fabric, also known as Tyvek or special Wei Qiang.